Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Questions ...

Here are some interesting questions about your aircraft you should consider if you have not already done so...Updated October 17, 2012
What is the lowest altimeter setting capacity of each altimeter installed?

Does your aircraft flight recorder include your satellite telephone communications?

What units of measurement do each of your altimeters display? Inches of Mercury? Millibars? hectoPascals? Millimeters of Mercury?

What is a hectoPascal?

Is your aircraft equipped with a Wide Area Augmented System  Global Positioning System?

Is your aircraft certified under Part 25? or Part 23?

What is the lowest Pavement Classification Number number that your aircraft requires concerning runway strength?

Do you ever use reduced thrust power for takeoffs?

Who makes the choice of runways used for takeoffs and landings?

Who makes the choice of which instrument approach is used?

What is the impact on the your aircraft systems when using a QFE altimeter setting?

Is there an impact of using a QFE altimeter setting on the Enhanced Ground Proximity System  orTerrain and Awareness Warning System on your airplane?

What does the airplane flight manual say about Global Positioning System sensor use in non World Geodetic System-1984 countries?

Does it direct you to disable the Global Positioning Sensors?

Are you able to view the Global Positioning System calculated altitudes on your Flight Management System while in flight?

On what Flight Management System page are they available to view?

Have you ever compared the Global Positioning System calculated altitude to the barometric altimeters while in cruise flight at high altitudes or low altitudes?

How did they compare roughly?

How does your meters altimeter round off altitudes? To the nearest 10 feet? 40 feet? 100 feet? 10 meters? 40 meters? 100 meters or what?

When do you plan to add Traffic Collision Avoidance System II version 7.1 to your aircraft?

When do you plan to add Wide Area Augmentation System capability to your Global Positioning System receivers if you are not equipped with it now?

When do you plan to add Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast and Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications if you do not have it?

What is the cost of getting your aircraft equipped with Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast  and Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Contract for your aircraft?

What is the cost for Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications for your aircraft?

What does the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning system  cost for your aircraft?

How many Satellite Based Navigation Systems exist or are under construction today?

How many Satellite Based Augmentation Systems  exist or are under construction today?

This post is written without the use of acronyms.  Did you find it easier to understand?  Please comment on this aspect of this post...Thanks!

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