Wednesday, April 27, 2011

iPad 2 readability in cockpit with bright sunlight not good enough for me

iPad - 2 not good enough for me
Well, after reading all the hoopola about the iPad 2 using aviation applications, as well as watching a group of my friends showing their iPads to one another during lunch at the restaurant at Sky Manor Airport (N40) with so much enthusiasm, I got out my American Express card and ordered one. I got the black 32 GB AT&T verison with 3G plus WiFi. The total charge was $780.00.
The AT&T version is compatible with the cell phone systems in Europe but the Verizon one is not.
After waiting two weeks for its arrival, I opened it up with lots of anticipation. My first effort to get it up and running required me to set up a new AT&T data account. I chose the option offered of 250 mb for $14.99 per month. This took me an hour to make happen. I had some difficulty adjusting to the new touch screen keyboard and I made many typing errors including mis-spelling the name of the street I lived on 4 different times. This was the main reason it took me an hour to create the account.
The keyboard will not accept touch typing as a normal keyboard will do and the effort I spent to become able to touch type as a sophomore in high school is wasted with the iPad 2.
The fact that the iPad 2 had a 3g connec
tion capability meant I could connect to the internet while at my hangar at the airport. This was a big plus for me as I spent quite a bit of time at my hangar these days.
I had talked about the iPad with a couple of friends of mine who got the first version more than a year ago. Not one of them mentioned the difficulty in reading it in bright sunlight. I guess they never tried do that in their use of their iPads.
If you have an iPad, how do you live with the unreadability issue?
(UPDATE July 9, 2011) Apparently what I want is a display with a minimum of 1000 nits. What is a nit? A NIT is a measurement of light in candelas per meter square (Cd/m2) For an LCD monitor it is brightness out of the front panel. The specs for the iPad 2 reveal its maximum brightness is only 350 nits.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Comments to my Blog now possible for anyone

As of today, I just enabled anyone to leave comments to my posts.  Sorry for those of you who struggled to leave a comment in the past, but were not successful.  I just discovered how to make it possible for anyone to leave them and have modified the blog to make it possible.
Go ahead and leave a comment or two or three...