Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kingwood Township Solar Panels Under Construction

The following appeared on the New JerseyNewsroom site at:

"NJ Solar Panels a waste of taxpayer money"

"Do you realize you pay the taxes on power bills to subsidize some Liberal Green renewable energy fantasy ? Just look at some simple numbers and you will see why. Cost of Solar Panel ~$7/Watt Typical cost of panel plus DC-AC power inverter~ $750 Cost to install (depends on Union/Non Union) guess $50 for 2 hours installation Total cost ~$800 Typical output power of 1 M square panel ~75-100W---about the power of one 100W light bulb---that’s it!!---and only when the Sun is shining bright onto it. Total estimated lifetime of solar panel~ 25-30Yrs Number of useful daylight hours~10 Number of Sunny days in NJ~94 Number of partly cloudy days~100 Number of cloudy days~171 Solar output power per year on sunny days=94X10X100=94KW/hr Solar output power per year on partly cloudy days=100X10X50=47KW/hr Solar output power per year on cloudy days=171X10X10=17.1KW/hr Total KW/hr per year=158.1 KW/hr per year Electric rates ~ $0.1 per KW/hr Total savings per year of electricity=$15.81 So now to pay off the cost of the Solar panel you need $800/$15.81/yr=50years! Since the lifetime is only about 30yrs it never pays off So who pays for this? You do you suckers..."

If you want to read what Bill Gates thinks about Solar Panels, go to: