Sunday, April 18, 2010

Professional Pilots RUmor NEtwork (PPRuNe)

                                                         Ash Clouds Threaten Air Traffic

The major news of today is the disruption of air traffic in Europe.
Like most of you, I wanted to find a site that would keep me informed about the status of the volcanic ash cloud in Europe. I started out at the Google News site and while there was a lot of information about the cloud, it was very general in nature and sometimes conflicting in nature.

After a couple hours of surfing, I ended up on the Professional Pilots Rumor Network (PPRuNE) forum at:
It lists the number of currently active users at 2,734.

This was not my first visit but the large number of pilots on this forum make it a great place to find the hottest items.  Here I found more than a than 1,300 posts on the ash cloud with the first post showing a great image of the event taken on April 14 the first day of the eruption.

The Rumor-News forum is just one of more than 50 forums that cover almost every aspect of aviation available on the PPRuNe site.