Friday, January 15, 2010

Resolved! Use of flight simulators to maintain instrument currency requires an instrument instructor to be present.

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Just received this e-mail from Alan Gauthier which appears to resolve the question he raised in my previous post. An instructor must be present when using a flight simulator for maintaining instrument currency.
Thanks Alan.

Sorry to stir up any confusion on this. I received updated word from AOPA. The FAA (have) given and taken away. AOPA is appealing or at least questionsing this change. In the August 2009 Federal register the FAA's comments on this subject allowed the use of simulators to maintain instrument currency w/o an instructor. New FAR 61.51 (pilot logbooks) issued within the last 2 days now requires an instructor even for maintaining currency in a simulator. What idiots are running our government? I knew the FAA would not do anything sensible fo pilots.
Alan Gauthier