Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Changes to Atlantic Orientation Charts 1 & 2

Latest significant changes to Atlantic Orientation Charts 1 & 2 (revision 11 FEB 2011)

1.         SLOP procedure description changed to “either 1 or 2 NM right of centerline” (removed the     mention of flying course centerline if automatic offset programming capable) Chart 1, Panel #9, bottom. 

2.         No oceanic clearance required prior to entering New York Oceanic (OCA) airspace. “If any difficulty is encountered obtaining the elements of the Oceanic Clearance, the pilot should not hold while awaiting a Clearance unless so instructed by ATC. The pilot should proceed on the cleared route into MNPS Airspace and continue to request the Clearance elements needed.” See chart 2, panel #1 bottom. 

3.         Except for Shanwick OCA, flights may enter other North Atlantic Oceanic Control Areas whilst pilots are awaiting receipt of a delayed Oceanic Clearance.  Pilots should always endeavour to obtain Oceanic Clearance prior to entering these other North Atlantic Oceanic Control Areas; however, if any difficulty is encountered the pilot should not hold while awaiting Clearance unless directed by  Air Traffic Control (ATC). Chart 1, panel #11, middle.

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